Main Room Sound System Specs:

13,000 watt's of sound and over 40,000 watts in lighting, regional and national
touring acts consider this system one of the best in the nation for a club this size.


Allen and Heath GL 3300, 40 channel


3X Ashly GQX-3102 Stereo 1/3 octave eq (1 for FOH, 2 for monitors)

Ashly MQX-2150 Stereo 2/3 ovtave eq (one side for stage mix 5, other side for insert)

5X Behringer Composer Pro

Behringer MultiGate (4 channel)

Alesis Midiverb III

Lexicon MPX-100

40 channel Whirlwind Medusa Snake

12 RapCo snake


2X PLS 11215 3 way boxes (4 way with passive Bullet horn, All JBL - 2" compression driver, 12", 15")

4X PLS 218 boxes (2X 18" Guass)

6X PLS 1501 monitors (1" horn, 15" JBL)

Ashly XR 4001 4 way stereo crossover


Crown PB1: FOH Horns, 280 watts total

Crown PB2: FOH 12", 2200 watts total

Crown PB2: FOH 15", 2200 watts total

Crown Macrotech VLZ 5000: FOH 18", 6000 watts total

3X Crown PB2: On stage monitors, 2700 watts total


6X Shure SM-58

8X Shure SM-57

4X Audix D series

3X Audio Technica 4041

Shure Beta 52

AKG D-112

8X Various DI boxes

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